Friday, June 21, 2013

Women of the Otherworld Series by Kelley Armstrong

I am currently in the process of reading the Women of the Otherworld Series by Kelley Armstrong. I am however I won't be reading the first novel in the series for some time yet. This is because of all the short stories that also make up a full reading of this series. Many of these stories (when looking at them chronologically) take place before the first book, as prequels. Here's the order list I am going by, provided by a pdf from Kelley Armstrong herself and by an order written by Maryse of Maryse's Book Blog. I've tried to block it up by month (basically one novel per month and then whatever short stories lead me there) and then will fill in my read dates once I finish each. Wish me luck! lol

0.01 Rebirth (in "Tales of the Otherworld," narrator: Aaron)  - read: 18-Jun-13
0.02 Infusion (in "Men of the Otherworld,” narrator: Malcolm) - read: 21-Jun-13
0.03 Savage (in "Men of the Otherworld,” narrator: Clay) - read: 28-Jun-13
0.04 Ascension (in "Men of the Otherworld," narrator: Clay) - read: 07-Jul-13

0.05 Demonology (online story, narrator: Talia) - read: 07-Jul-13

0.06 Bewitched (in "Tales of the Otherworld,") - read: 08-Jul-13
0.07 Birthright (in "Tales of the Otherworld,” narrator: Logan) - read: 08-Jul-13
0.08 Beginnings (in "Tales of the Otherworld," narrators: Clay & Elena) - read: 27-Jul-13
0.09 Becoming (online graphic novella, narrator: Elena) - read: 28-Jul-13
0.10 The Case of the Half-Demon Spy (online story, about: Adam & Paige) - read: 28-Jul-13
0.11 Expectations (in "Tales of the Otherworld,” narrator: Lucas) - read 28-Jul-13
0.12 Truth and Consequences (short story, narrator: Elena) - read 28-Jul-13
0.13 Territorial (online story, narrator: Karl) - read 29-Jul-13
1.0 Bitten (novel, narrator: Elena) - read 06-Jul-14
1.1 Ghosts (in "Tales of the Otherworld,” narrator: Jeremy) - read 06-Jul-14


1.2 Escape (online story, narrator: Eve)
2.0 Stolen (novel, narrator: Elena)

3.0 Dime Store Magic (novel, narrator: Paige)

4.0 Industrial Magic (novel, narrator: Paige)
4.1 Wedding Bell Hell (in "Tales of the Otherworld,” narrator: Paige)

5.0 Haunted (novel, narrator: Eve)
5.1 Adventurer (online story, narrator: Kenneth)
5.2 Chaotic (novella, narrator: Hope)
5.3 Bargain (online story, narrator: Xavier)

6.0 Broken (novel, narrator: Elena)
6.1The Case of El Chupacabra (in "Tales of the Otherworld,” narrator: Lucas)

January 2014
7.0 No Humans Involved (novel, narrator: Jaime)
7.1 Framed (online novella, narrator: Nick)
7.2 Twilight (in "Many Bloody Returns,” narrator: Cassandra)
7.3 Stalked (in "My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon” narrator: Clay)

8.0 Personal Demon (novel, narrators: Hope & Lucas)
8.1 Chivalrous (in “Tales of Dark Fantasy 2,” narrator: Reese)
8.2 The Ungrateful Dead (in "Blood Lite,” narrator: Jaime)

9.0 Living with the Dead (novel, multiple narrators, 3rd person)
9.1 Kitsunegari (in "Men of the Otherworld,” narrator: Jeremy)
Paranormal Romance Blues (in "The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance,")
9.2 Zen and the Art of Vampirism (in "A Fantasy Medley,” narrator: Zoe)
9.3 Angelic (novella, narrator: Eve)
Life Sentence (in "The New Dead: A Zombie Anthology,")
9.4 Learning Curve (in “Evolve,” narrator: Zoe)
Young Bloods (in "The Bitten Word" anthology,)
9.5 Checkmate (online story, narrator: Elena)
9.6 Recruit (online story, narrator: Elena)

10.0 Frostbitten (novel, narrator: Elena)
10.1 The List (in “Evolve 2,” narrator: Zoe)
Lucifer's Daughter (in "Blood Lite II: Overbite," narrator: Hope)
10.2 Hidden (novella, narrator: Elena)
10.3 Counterfeit Magic (novella, narrator: Paige)
10.4 Off-Duty Angel (in “The Hunter and the Hunted,” narrator: Eve)
10.5 V Plates (in “Blood Lite 3,” narrator: Nick)
10.6 Forbidden (novella, narrator: Elena)
10.7 Amityville Horrible (novella, narrator: Jaime)

11.0 Waking the Witch (novel, narrator: Savannah)

12.0 Spell Bound (novel, narrator: Savannah)

13.0 Thirteen (novel, narrator: Savannah)
13.1 From Russia with Love (bonus story in “Thirteen,” narrator: Elena)

Let me know if you have read any of this series & what did you think?! Also did you read the novels or the short stories first?