Sunday, May 6, 2012

Book Chat: Desert Island Books

Hey guys! So I was over at The Book Rat blog and Misty started the Book Chat off with 5 "books" you would take with you if you found yourself deserted on an island (and someone else already brought all the survival stuff lol). Here are the categories and what I chose (bending the rules a bit of course):
  1. A Book you've read before and want to re-read...
  2. A Book you've never read and have always been meaning to read...
  3. A Childhood favourite...
  4. A Series or a Book that has been recommended to you a lot...
  5. A Freebie (choose anything you like)

  1. This is a hard one. Even though I have read a lot of great books I always prefer reading something for the first time rather than re-reading it so there aren't many I have re-read (or would want to). I guess if I had to pick one though I'd go with Far From The Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy. I read this book originally in high school where I did a book presentation, an essay, and no doubt some other analysis, but that was awhile ago and I think it may deserve a re-read or two (or more depending on how long I am stuck on the island). Also the copy I have once was my Grandmother's, who is no longer with us, so it would be comforting to have with me.
  2. I liked where Misty was going with this one so I think I shall follow suit and choose The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. I own a copy (not the one pictured) but haven't read most of it. I picture reading it on the island and when I got bored then we (whoever is on the island with me, or me myself and I) could act out the plays.
  3. My childhood favourite is The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster. For no other reason than I remember really enjoying this book as a child and the land Milo enters when the Phantom Tollbooth appears in his room...
  4. The Series I would choose would be The Nancy Drew Mystery Stories... so for this "book" I guess I'd have a massive bind-up that includes the first 56 "original" Nancy Drew stories by Carolyn Keene. I've read most (if not all) of them at one point or another, mostly as a child, and really adore Nancy and her friends/family as characters. May not want to carry around this bind-up though lol.
  5. My last choice would be a bind up (again lol) of The Dublin Saga by Edward Rutherfurd which includes The Princes of Ireland and The Rebels of Ireland. I haven't read either of these books but they are so massive I figure why not give them a go on a deserted island... and I'd learn (somewhat) a large chunk of the history of Ireland at the same time. (just in case our saviors are Irish ;) )
 Check out Misty at The Book Rat's Blog/Vlog post here, and in the comments bellow let me know what books/series you would take with you! (or leave a link to your own blog post!)


  1. I love your selections! The Phantom Tollbooth is one I really want to read at some point- everyone seems to adore it!

    New follower :-)

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  2. I very nearly picked the complete works of Shakespeare for the same reason haha! It'd be such a laugh acting out the plays. I'm a new follower :)