Friday, June 10, 2011

Anne Easter Smith

While visiting my local Costco a few weeks ago I came across a variety of books by Anne Easter Smith, an author I hadn't yet heard of but attracted me by the titles of her books as well as the images of the books' covers. The genre of her books, historical fiction, also appealed to me.

That day I decided to purchase one. I read the backs of each book which didn't make the process any easier. I liked the sound of all of them. Not knowing which to choose I went back to my old ways of choosing a book (looking at copyright dates and choosing/reading based on the order of publication). What would you have done in my situation?

I also checked the internet for more information about Anne Easter Smith and came across her website. I watched a couple of her videos where she talked about herself and her books. What intrigued me the most were when she mentioned about having to walk through a place before she could write about her characters walking there, and about weaving fictional characters and dialogue into the historical events without changing those events substantially.

I ended up buying "A Rose for the Crown" the first book she published and was about to start reading it when I came across a note on her website, as well as on her facebook fan page that she recommending reading "Queen by Right" her most recent publication first before the rest of her books for someone like me who was just becoming introduced to her writing.

"Queen by Right" is basically the prequel of her previous books (on the timeline of history). I questioned on the fan page what other people thought, those who had read both, just one or the other, in either order, etc. Not only did I get some lovely responses from fellow readers but I also received a response from Anne herself. She suggested that since I had already purchased "A Rose for the Crown" I could still read it first but then I should read "Queen by Right" next, and then the rest of her books. Why I am going into all these options? Just in case you want to read one of her books. I have a big thing about reading books in order, but when they aren't specifically numbered it helps to get others opinions (in my opinion anyways).

Luckily I received a copy of "Queen by Right" as a gift from my most recent graduation so now I am back to reading it first, then I will go back and read "A Rose for the Crown". Then eventually the rest of her books, if I ever get the time. Unfortunately I'm a dreadfully slow reader which doesn't help matters when I don't get a lot of time to read each day. I will however do my best, update here periodically, review each book when I'm finished, and hopefully get a chance to read works from a plethora of other authors this summer! :) Wish me luck. heh

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