Thursday, June 9, 2011


Welcome to my newest blog where I plan to "Babble" about books. My plans for this blog is to have a mixture of my updates on what books I'm reading, planning to read, bought, borrowed, heard about, etc. as well as some reviews of books I've finished reading. Although I am a dreadfully slow reader that will hopefully be getting back to work soon so we'll see how it goes.

My inspiration:
I have always loved to read but found less and less time for it (my own personal books versus texts/school reading) since I began university. Even in the summers I'd end up taking a correspondence course that would take up most of my spare time. Finally this summer I have graduated from uni, have no other courses to speak of, and until I find some success in my job hunt I have quite a bit of free time to return to my neglected hobby of reading.

I have also dabbling in blogging many times most of which end up so disorganized and lacking any real theme that they lose their appeal. So I figured why not make one just for books.

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