Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Last Heiress

The Last Heiress (Signet Eclipse)I used to hate to read aloud in school and avoided it whenever possible. Now that I am a certified teacher I have been working on my confidence with reading aloud as it is something I will have to do more and more often teaching elementary school students. For extra practice, as well as to have someone to discuss a book with without feeling like I need to read faster, I have begun to read The Last Heiress by Bertrice Small with my mother. We are taking turns reading pages aloud to one another. Neither of us have read any of the rest of the series but since this was a book we happen to both already own a copy of, but hadn't read, we figured we'd give it a try. Like a mini book club, heh.

Back Cover Synopsis
Elizabeth Meredith, the youngest daughter of Rosamund Bolton, is nothing like her sensible sisters. Impatient with fancy manners and careful speech, the young beauty has shunned the royal court in favor of a quiet life at Friarsgate. That is, until she learns that in order to protect the future of the land she loves, she must venture into the court of King Henry VIII to find a suitable husband. Elizabeth quickly scandalizes the royal court by forging a friendship with the king's friend Anne Boleyn and by indulging in a delicious flirtation with Flynn Stewart, a bastard brother of King James V of Scotland. But her real future lies back at Friarsgate, where her admitted weakness for Scots sends her into the strong arms of Baen MacColl. Yet Elizabeth's greatest passion is for her lands; and Baen MacColl's loyalties may lie elsewhere. Can Elizabeth and Baen overcome the barriers that threaten to separate them? And can Elizabeth, by following the calling of her heart, still protect Friarsgate?

Previous 3 books of the Friarsgate Inheritance series:
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Have you read any of this series or any other book by Bertrice Small?

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